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The Flexible Funnel studio

A funnel-focused digital marketing micro-agency for businesses + non-profits who want superior strategy, seamless implementation, and record-breaking results. 

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Our team of experts combines intuition + data (and a little magic) to get you RESULTS. 

As the founder and primary strategist + copywriter of the Flexible Funnel Studio, Jenn Robbins has worked behind the scenes with six, seven, and yes, eight-figure businesses to create high-converting sales funnels.

The Flexible Funnel Studio combines that experience with expert designers, developers, and tech specialists to offer a one-stop studio for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits who want to positively impact the world. 

The Flexible Funnel Studio offers a boutique agency approach without the high overhead, exorbitant fees, and layers of bureaucracy you’ll find at traditional agencies. 

What makes us different?

We use the Flexible Funnels methodology. 

Flexible Funnels™ are completely custom funnels designed to work in your business on the platforms that work for you. After working behind the scenes on a few funnels that FLOPPED, Jenn realized that too many of her copywriting clients were relying on funnels that were sold to them by “experts” that knew next to nothing about their business. 

Flexible Funnels™ were born when she began working individually with her clients to create custom strategies based on their goals, their offers, and their audience…not what worked for someone else. 


The phrase most often used around here is system agnostic, because we don’t care if you use Clickfunnels, Kajabi, or some random combination of platforms that you love. The right funnel strategy will work regardless of your tech stack.



There are lots of funnel strategies out there. But too many just tell you to do what they did. They promise that if you use their exact funnel strategy, you’ll see the same level of success that they did. It’s time to face the facts: unless you have that expert’s exact business, exact audience, and exact offers, why in the world would you use their exact funnel? You need a funnel strategy created just for YOU.



You should NOT have to pay a funnel strategist, copywriter, and tech team to redo your funnel or launch every three months. With the right strategy, you can create a few foundational funnels to use and build on launch after launch. Sure, you need to update and make changes. That’s what debriefs are for! But you shouldn’t have to throw it all out as soon as your launch or funnel is over.

Want to get your own Flexible Funnel™? 

Flexible Funnel Strategy VIP Day

Need a full makeover of your funnels? This VIP Day is where we create a personalized funnel strategy that works for where you and your business are now…not where you were 2 years ago. You’ll walk away with a Flexible Funnel Blueprint that details everything you need to bring your funnel strategy to life…and by you, I mean you can DIY, use your team, or hire mine! You also get 2 weeks of Voxer Support for any follow-up questions. Want to upgrade to a full-funnel after? You get a $2k credit toward a full project!  Investment: $5,000

  Flexible Funnel Strategy Intensive

This 90-minute intensive is perfect if you have one or two funnels (or launches) that you want a new and improved strategy for. We’ll evaluate what worked in the past and map out new funnels/launches that factor in all the change we’ve seen this year. You’ll get a Flexible Funnel Strategy Brief that includes funnel maps and recommendations. You also get 1 week of Voxer support for any follow-up questions. Wanna kick it up to a full-funnel after? You get a $1k credit toward a full project! Investment: $3,000

The Full Monty…er, Funnel

You need it all, and you need it now! These are full funnel build-outs (includes strategy + copy + design + integration) and are 100% done for YOU. No need to have your own team or manage a crew of freelancers. Our team of experts handles everything from idea to execution. From list-building funnels to live launches to evergreen funnels, we can do it all. Investment starts at $10,000

Copy ComeBack

Got your strategy on lock but need someone to bring your brilliance to life? We have a very limited number of spots for copy projects, including ONE retainer. Jenn specializes in high-converting sales copy, specifically for launches and funnels and has helped clients hit $100k weeks. Custom proposal for each project.

Flexible Funnel Audit

Not sure how you feel about your funnel? Grab a funnel audit and within 72 busines hours you’ll get a video review along with a debrief of first impressions of your funnel from expert eyes, including quick and easy tweaks you can make to increase conversions ASAP. Investment: $300

Not sure what you need?

Apply for a free fitting session and find out the best way The Flexible Funnel Studio can support you.

Meet the team

Jenn Robbins
Jenn Robbins

Founder, Strategy + Copy

Jenn Robbins is a funnel strategist, conversion copywriter, and founder of the Flexible Funnel Studio, thriving in her Jennaisance Era. 

Translation? She’s embracing her past as a data-focused accountant and merging it with her creative present as a funnel strategist and copywriter to create a digital marketing studio that combines intuition and data (and a little magic!) With nearly 12 years of experience as a funnel strategist and copywriter for six, seven, and yes, eight-figure business owners, she has the receipts to back it up. 

When she’s not helping other business owners crush their revenue goals, she’s listening to podcasts while chasing her two daughters across the rolling Oklahoma prairie she calls home. 

Mikli Feria Jorge
Mikli Feria Jorge

Tech + Automation

For nearly a decade, Mikli blends tech and creativity, crafting systems that bring online business owners’ imagination and care to life. Her goal is to design automations that feel intuitive behind the scenes and delightful in front of the scenes — and always retain that vital human touch.

Jaime Slutzky
Jaime Slutzky

Tech + Development

Jaime is a technology strategist who helps her clients look great online so that they can deliver scalable online products and services. With her degree in Computer Science, 11+ years in corporate IT and 12+ years supporting online businesses, she has the experience and knowledge to help you expand your business online. Never let how-to-make-that-work-online stop you again. Jaime can build you beautiful and functional web pages (including registration pages, landing pages, sales pages and thank you pages) and email marketing platform to bring your entire funnel to reality. Jaime’s goal is to make the tech just work, so you can focus on serving your clients!

Stephanie Woody Walters
Stephanie Woody Walters


Stephanie brings more than 13 years of experience in the design field, including working for  American Airlines Publishing: American Way Magazine, Reinhardt Creative agency, and for a nonprofit called e3 Partners/I Am Second. She is familiar with a Mac platform and proficient in Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, XD, Sketch and Figma. 

Ann Marie O'Braskin
Ann Marie O'Braskin

Ads Specialist

Ann Marie is a data-driven ads strategist who thrives on scaling clients’ businesses through proven (and flexible!) campaigns to help them reach their biggest goals. With 13 years of digital marketing experience, you can trust she will combine tried-and-true methods with creative new experiments to make sure you’re seeing the best results.

You can find this Office-binging, iced-coffee-drinking, perpetually baking child wrangler at home in Massachusetts.
Amberlee fuller
Amberlee fuller


AmberLee has been in the photography realm for over 3 decades utilizing her intuition to create a visual story of small to medium size businesses and professionals. She is a huge Marvel nerd and has an otherworldly addiction to coffee.
Candace Shaw
Candace Shaw


Candace is an organizational specialist with more than twenty years of experience working behind the scenes to offer administrative support and create digital and physical organization systems that help clients reduce stress and achieve their personal and business goals. 

She believes in the power of a great spreadsheet, loves a color-coded to-do list, and is always searching for her next book to read and discuss.

Love from Clients 

Jenn is the Marie Kondo of funnels. Except, unlike Marie, she has not given up on tidying up, haha! She will tidy up that funnel like nobody’s business! And if you want someone to take your brain genius and put it into a funnel that makes sense for your business, HIRE HER. I’m a professional marketer and have been DIY’ing funnel strategy for TEN YEARS. I could cry from the relief of having my funnels clearly mapped out for me.

The best part of how Jenn works is that what she gives you makes it easier to communicate your vision to a team. It’s the blueprint architecture that you can then bring folks to build, which makes every part of funnel building SO MUCH easier. I love that I can just reference these funnel maps as we build this out through the next quarter and I don’t have to try to hold it all in my head or do my own crappy, exhausting, messy version of this.

Jamie Jensen

There are A LOT of moving pieces in my business. I hired Jenn as a funnel strategist to dive into my existing funnels to see what was working and what wasn’t. She helped me see the holes we had in our funnels and developed a simple strategy for us to bring in new subscribers with clear list-building funnels so we can make the most of our launches and evergreen offers. Working with Jenn was straightforward and I appreciate the effort she put into our strategy! I would highly recommend working with Jenn on your funnels.

Susan Hyatt

Before we hired Jenn, our website and funnel strategy was not working. We were constantly changing lead magnets and offers, creating new ads, and still not seeing results. After working with Jenn to create our three primary funnels, we saw amazing results in a short time! We launched our challenge and saw an increase of 39%, which directly led to our first six-figure week!

Our front end funnel has been running with no changes for 5 months and covering all advertising costs – having this evergreen set up providing an ongoing stream of leads has totally changed the way we market and convert. We have been able to start truly scaling and also been able to focus our time and energy on growing the business and diversifying. The investment we made has absolutely paid off not only financially but also in the time we have got back to focus on other parts of the business. Working with Jenn was a game changer!

Kitty Blomfield

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